5 Top Upgrades Roofing Replacement Specialists NJ Have To Offer

There are several top upgrades roofing replacement specialists NJ have to offer. Notably, replacing your roof can be a great opportunity to make structural improvements on your home. Often, these can make a difference in your home’s aesthetic appeal. Of course, certain roof upgrades can also ease maintenance and add a higher level of protection for your roof’s structure. As a property owner in the market for a roof replacement NJ, you need to know which upgrades the best roofing company Sussex County NJ and other areas have to offer. This way, you can get a durable roof replacement that exceeds your expectations. Read on to discover the top upgrades roofing replacement specialists NJ have to offer.

GAF Asphalt Shingles

First, roofing replacement specialists NJ can replace your current roofing material with GAF asphalt shingles. As the top-selling brand of shingles in America, these shingles come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit with any home’s architectural style. In addition, GAF shingles are one of the most innovative products on the market. Notably, certain models are built with reflective technology to lower the temperature in your attic. Often, this can lower the temperature of the rest of your home, allowing you to conserve energy from your air conditioner in hot summer months. Additionally, some GAF shingles have algae protection, layer lock technology, and a limited wind warranty. Together, these features work to ensure your roof can withstand the elements for its intended 50-year lifespan. In short, GAF asphalt shingles are a top upgrade to make for your roof replacement NJ.


Next, roofing replacement specialists New Jersey can also install skylights on your home. Since your roofing services Franklin Lakes NJ and other area installers tear your shingles off, a roof replacement is a great time to install a skylight. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about tearing up perfectly good shingles for the project. In addition, skylights can provide a natural light source for rooms in your home. With the added lighting, you can conserve energy. Simultaneously, skylights can also offer benefits for you and your family’s mental health. For example, you can increase your Vitamin D intake during the colder, short winter days. Natural light can also improve moods and increase relaxation as well. Definitely, consider upgrading your roof with a skylight during your roof replacement NJ.

Low Maintenance Gutters

In addition, the best roof replacement specialists in NJ can also upgrade your home with low maintenance gutters. Often, low maintenance gutters can come with filters to keep the debris out. Simultaneously, they can let water pass through. For many homeowners, this reduces the need to hose out the gutters, streamlining the cleaning process. When upgrading your gutters, roofing companies typically offer aluminum and copper options. Usually, aluminum is significantly cheaper. On the other hand, copper can be more heat-resistant, offering a higher longevity. Ideally, you should choose whichever material best fits your budget and home needs. Whichever option you select, these systems are critical to divert water away from your home to prevent flooding and preserve your landscape. Absolutely, ask your roofing replacement company NJ about upgrading to low maintenance gutters.

Airtight Chimney Cap

Moreover, your roofing replacement specialists NJ can also upgrade your replacement with an airtight chimney cap. Notably, airtight chimney caps can work to conserve energy in your home. Often, warm air from inside can seep out the chimney when you are not using your fireplace. Since the damper in your firebox is usually not airtight, it does not do much to stop this. With an airtight chimney cap, you may not need to run the heater as high during the winter months. Additionally, these units can keep animals from nesting inside your chimney as well. If you still want to use your fireplace, you can open the chimney cap to allow airflow. Usually, you just need to pull on a steel cable attached to the bracket inside your fireplace. Certainly, ask your residential roofers Montclair NJ and other areas about an airtight chimney cap for your roof replacement NJ.

Ventilation Upgrades

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your ventilation during your roof replacement NJ. For example, you can ask your roofing replacement specialists about installing additional vents. Notably, this can increase ventilation in your home to support proper cooling during the summertime. Additionally, this can work to reduce harmful moisture that can accumulate in your attic during the winter. On the other hand, you may need to convert to a ridge vent. Importantly, this upgrade can offer continuous ventilation. Often, this makes it a more recommended option. When getting a ridge vent, you need to have your existing vents filled in. Usually, any gable vents you may have need to be closed off as well. Your contractors will also need to install an intake to ensure the ridge vent functions properly. Undoubtedly, ask your roofing replacement specialists NJ about ventilation upgrades.

There are several top upgrades roofing replacement specialists NJ have to offer. First, GAF asphalt shingles are a great upgrade to consider for their style options, durability, and longevity. Next, you can also get a skylight installed during your roof replacement to increase natural light in your home. In addition, low maintenance gutters are critical to divert water and prevent flooding. Moreover, an airtight chimney cap can conserve heat during the winter. Furthermore, ventilation upgrades can control heat and moisture in your attic as well. Consider these top upgrade roofing replacement specialists NJ have to offer.