How The Best Roofers Bridgewater NJ Can Lower Home Energy Costs

There are several ways the best roofers Bridgewater NJ can lower home energy costs. According to recent data, nearly half of the money homeowners spend on utility bills goes towards heating and cooling their house. Often, a roof is the first and best defense against hot summers and cold winters. Indeed, roofs with high energy efficiency and proper insulation can decrease air conditioning and heating costs. As a New Jersey homeowner, you need to know how the best roofing replacement contractors Passaic and other areas can lower your utility bills with a new roof. This way, you can invest in an energy-efficient roof that is built to last. Read on to learn about how the best roofers Bridgewater NJ can lower home energy costs.

Roof Ventilation

First, the best roofers Bridgewater NJ can provide proper ventilation to lower your energy costs. Importantly, roofs with adequate ventilation systems are essential for proper air flow between your attic and the outdoors. Without the right air flow, hot air can get trapped inside your attic. Over time, this causes your home to heat up gradually, putting a strain on your air conditioning system and increasing cooling costs. To ensure proper ventilation, roofing companies can install a combination of ridge and soffit vents in your roof. Typically, they install ridge vents at your roof’s peak where the hot attic air is less dense. Naturally, this allows air to flow up and out. Simultaneously, breezes over the top ridge vent create a lower pressure area to draw cool air through the soffit vents. Definitely, best roofers in Bridgewater New Jersey provide proper ventilation to lower energy costs.

Shingle Color

Next, the best roofing company Bridgewater NJ can lower your utility bills by recommending an energy-efficient shingle color. Often, roofing contractors North Jersey recommend a lighter-colored roof to lower home energy expenses. Indeed, dark-colored roofs usually absorb more heat from the sun than lighter-colored roofs. Then, they transfer this heat to the underside of the roof deck into the attic below. This causes homes to heat up, increasing air conditioning use. With a lighter color shingle such as light grey or brown, you can work to lower your air conditioning reliance and energy costs. Alternatively, homeowners living in a cooler climate can lower heating expenses by choosing a darker-colored shingle. In short, ask your roofers Bridgewater NJ which shingle color they recommend to lower your energy costs.

Reflective Shingles

In addition, the best roofing contractors Bridgewater NJ can install reflective shingles to reduce your energy expenses. For example, many top roofing companies use highly reflective GAF shingles to lower temperatures in your attic. Notably, these shingles minimize solar heat gain by reflecting incoming sunrays back into the atmosphere. Additionally, they re-emit the absorbed energy to prevent temperatures from rising in your home. According to recent data, these cool roofs can save homeowners about 7 to 15% on their total cooling costs. Over the lifespan of your cool roof, these cost savings can significantly add up. Absolutely, ask your local roofing companies Bridgewater NJ about GAF reflective shingle options to lower your utility bills.

Energy Star Ratings

Moreover, the best roofing companies Bridgewater NJ use roofing materials with an Energy Star rating. Notably, only highly-reflective roofing products are given the Energy Star label. For example, some GAF Timberline shingles are Energy Star certified to reduce air-conditioning needs. With reduced air-conditioning use, these shingles can potentially reduce pollution as well. Indeed, Energy Star cool new roofing installation Wayne NJ and other areas can often reflect enough of the sun’s rays to lower your roof’s surface temperature by nearly 100 degrees. Simultaneously, these energy-efficient materials can reduce the risk of wear and tear on your roof as well. Certainly, look for roofers Bridgewater NJ who offer products with the Energy Star rating for new roof installations.

Solar Panel Installation

Furthermore, some of the best roofing companies can also install solar panels to lower your energy costs. Often, homeowners with a rooftop solar system can pay little to nothing for their monthly utility bills. Even if your solar panels do not produce 100% of the energy you use, you can still obtain significant cost savings. Since energy prices increase almost every year, solar can allow you to avoid these costs as well. In addition, solar panels can often last over 25 years. On average, American homeowners see a 20% return on their investment as well. Indeed, solar panel systems can pay for themselves multiple times over their lifespan. Therefore, ask your solar panel company Bridgewater NJ about installing solar panels to lower your energy costs.

There are several ways the best roofers Bridgewater NJ can lower home energy costs. First, top roofers provide proper ventilation to reduce your cooling and heating expenses. Next, roofing contractors can also recommend a shingle color based on your home’s climate. In addition, many of the best roofing companies use GAF reflective shingles to lower your air conditioning expenses. Moreover, they also use roofing materials with the Energy Star label to reduce cooling needs as well. Furthermore, the best roofing companies also do solar panel installations to lower home energy expenses. Consider these points to learn about how the best roofers Bridgewater NJ can lower home energy costs.