How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

There are many factors that are considered in roof replacement cost estimates.

Understanding the cost of your roof

Roofing contractors take many factors into account when preparing an estimate,
including your preferences, budget, goals, and location.

How roof costs are determined

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your new roof, roofing contractors consider several factors, including the materials, the size of the roof, and the labor involved.
  • Measure the roof – With new technology being used in the roofing industry, most measurements are obtained digitally, using satellite imagery or drone technology, and include the slope, peaks, and overall complexity of the roof.
  • Roof Inspection – A roof inspection allows contractors to identify any issues, assess the overall condition of your, and plan accordingly.
  • Recommend products – Next, your contractor will outline the best roofing system materials for your project (shingles, ventilation, and accessories) and warranty options.
  • Calculate costs – Your contractor can use the above information to calculate the total cost of the project, including labor, materials, warranty, and any applicable fees and services (permits, preparation, clean-up).

Key factors that impact roof qotes

Things to consider for your new roof

  • Think of your roof as an investment, and not a purchase.
  • When you’re requesting quotes from roofing contractors, the lowest estimate may not be the best choice.  It will cost more for better quality, durability, and warranty protection.
  • Insurance may cover the cost of replacing your roof if it was damaged in a storm. Before hiring a roofer, check with your insurance agent to see what is covered.
  • The Tri-State area can be prone to severe weather. A more robust warranty may save you more money in the long run.
  • Remember that your roof does more than protect your family and belongings – it can also add to your home’s curb appeal and value.

How to pay for your new roof

If you're worried about the cost of paying for a new roof, consider using one or more of these preferred payment options.

Zero Down and Low
Monthly Payments

Whether your project is planned or the result of a weather event, replacing your roof can be a significant investment. Infinity Roofing can help make this investment more manageable by offering qualified applicants flexible financing options through Ally Financial.  Visit our roof financing page to learn more.

Homeowners Insurance

You’re most likely already paying for homeowners insurance. Your insurance may cover the cost of replacing your roof if it was damaged in a storm. Before hiring a roofer, check with your insurance agent to see what is covered.

Credit Cards

A credit card may be a convenient way to pay for a major home improvement, such as a roofing project. After checking your credit card terms, contact us to get started with your project.  We accept all major credit cards.

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