5 Qualifications A GAF Roofing Contractor Fairfield NJ Has To Offer

There are several qualifications a General Aniline and Film (GAF) roofing contractor Fairfield NJ has to offer. Notably, only about 2% of all roofing contractors in North America have earned the GAF Master Elite Certification. Among the top roofers in the industry, these professionals offer superior materials, protection, and insurance policies. Plus, GAF roofing companies must renew their certification every year to ensure they are maintaining quality services. As a homeowner looking for roof repair or replacement, you need to know what sets GAF roof replacement companies apart from other professionals in the industry. This way, you can choose the best contractor for your home. Read on to learn about the most important qualifications a GAF roofing contractor Fairfield NJ has to offer.

Business Longevity

First, roofing contractors in Fairfield NJ with a GAF certification offer business longevity. Indeed, GAF Master Elite roofers must have a minimum of 7 years of business experience to meet the certification requirements. Importantly, this business experience is critical for companies to provide proven, quality services for their customers. Of course, GAF also requires their companies to have a valid business license. They also require their roofing companies to show proof of state licensing and insurance. SInce GAF only wants the most qualified residential roofers installing their systems, they are very strict about this requirement. Definitely, GAF roofing companies Fairfield NJ offer business longevity to ensure successful repair and replacement services.

BBB Credibility

Next, GAF certified roofing contractors Fairfield NJ offer strong credibility with the Better Business Bureau. Notably, the GAF organization looks for companies roof repair and replacement companies Ramsey NJ and other areas with strong credit ratings, clean bank records, and top-rated workmanship records. Typically, they only accept roofers with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, Master Elite contractors must have a high satisfactory rating from their previous customers as well. Often, GAF looks for customer satisfaction ratings of nearly 99% before granting the certification. This is critical for companies to prove their competency and commitment to quality customer services. With BBB credibility, GAF roofing contractors Fairfield NJ are a reputable option to install your new roof.

Durable Materials

In addition, professional GAF roofers in Fairfield New Jersey use durable materials to complete their customers’ projects. Many GAF Master Elite roofing companies use GAF Timberline shingles for their new roof installations. Notably, this is the top-selling shingle brand in North America. Indeed, it provides strong durability to last through storms. Plus, there are several different color options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for barkwood or antique slate, Timberline roof shingles are a great material option to consider for your new roof. GAF also offers a high definition shingle option with proven algae protection and layer lock technology to prevent leaks. Absolutely, Fairfield NJ GAF roofing contractors use durable materials for their roofing projects.

Highly Trained Professionals

Moreover, GAF roofing contractors Fairfield NJ also offer a team of highly trained professionals to install or repair your rooftop. Importantly, the GAF organization takes time to train each of their companies’ contractors. With this ongoing professional training, GAF roofers stay up-to-date on the best installation practices. This can ensure you keep your New Jersey roof replacement costs low. Additionally, they understand the best way to install their materials. Notably, other companies do not offer this transparency when it comes to their training background. Indeed, you may not know who they were trained by or what their qualifications are. In short, look for a GAF roofing contractor Fairfield NJ to employ a well-trained team for your roofing project.

Inclusive Warranty

Furthermore, GAF roofers Fairfield NJ provides an inclusive warranty to cover your roof installation or repair. For example, GAF Master Elite roofers often offer the Golden Pledge Warranty. Importantly, this covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the roof shingle. In addition, the Gold Pledge covers workmanship defects for 25 years. Notably, this includes tear-off and disposal costs. Any repairs needed because of manufacturer defects or poor workmanship are covered by Master Elite. As one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, the Golden Pledge ensures you get the highest quality work possible. Certainly, Fairfield NJ GAF roofing contractors offer an inclusive warranty to provide some of the best services in the industry.

There are several qualifications a GAF roofing contractor Fairfield NJ has to offer. First, certified roofing contractors use their business longevity and experience to provide quality services. Next, they also offer strong Better Business Bureau credibility. In addition, GAF roofers use highly durable materials to prevent leaks and withstand storms. Moreover, the GAF organization trains their roofing companies to keep them up-to-date on the best installation practices. Furthermore, GAF roofing companies offer an inclusive warranty to cover their roofing projects. Consider these points to learn about the top qualifications a GAF roofing contractor Fairfield NJ has to offer.